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cpmduel-cup 4 written by shadow, 2010-05-26 01:15 CEST (1 comments)

DATE: 5.6.2010

Map pool: cpm1a, cpm3a, cpm15, cpm22, cpm24

Tournament system: Full double elimination. All the games are played bo3. Superfinal is bo5 with player from winners bracket leading 1:0.

Servers i've found: - Photonization 1v1 / 2v2
q3.keksfabrik.eu:30000;password keksfabrik - #KekSfabrik CPM
q3.keksfabrik.eu:30001;password keksfabrik - #KekSfabrik CPM - ...::: #QuakersNet CPMA 1.47:::...by www.getcpma.tk
? - eX CPMA #1
cpmpickup.ru:27960 - Russian pickup server
cpmpickup.ru:27961;password fuckql - Russian pickup server
cpmpickup.ru:27093 - Russian pickup server
pickup.cpma.se:27961;password lobstarz - #CPMPICKUP #1 - Roboty Arena
pickup.cpma.se:27962;password lobstarz - #CPMPICKUP #2 - Lazery Arena
pickup.cpma.se:27963;password lobstarz - #CPMPICKUP #3 - Almostly Arena
pickup.cpma.se:27964;password lobstarz - #CPMPICKUP #4 - Unity Arena
pickup.cpma.se:27965;password lobstarz - #CPMPICKUP #5 - Trinity Arena
pickup.cpma.se:27966;password lobstarz - #CPMPICKUP #6 - Serenity Duel Arena
amd.co.at:27963 - nR AMD CPMA (unpure) - ASTER Duel #5 CPM

klyden.foppa.dk:30000 - unnamed qwfwd
wg.quakeworld.fi:30000 - Wargamez.dk
quakeworld.fi:30000 - Quakeworld.fi
troopers.fi:30000 - Troopers.fi
qw-dev.net:30000 - qw-dev.net qwfwd
qw.dybbuk.de:30000 - Dybbuk Gehenna Proxy
qw.de.quakeservers.net:30000 - QuakeServers.net QWfwd Germany - fuck off <3
qw.playground.ru:30000 - playground qwfwd
phun.ru:30000 - clanarena.ru qwfwd
rokket.net:30000 - rokket.net qwfwd
cuve.se:30000 - cuve.se
pangela.se:30000 - pangela qwfwd

QWFWD usage:
1. Type /setu prx ip:port of server to which you want to connect
2. Then /connect ip:port of qwfwd
3. When you receive message /reconnect ASAP - type reconnect.
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